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Business Intelligence


Our business intelligence skills help you consolidate your data
and create dashboards and analytics to take decisions.


  • Nestle
  • BMW

Our BI services include four areas:

Business Intelligence has been around for more than three decades in several avatars notably as Management Information Systems (MIS), or Decision Support Systems (DSS), and as sophisticated tools like SAS, Cognos and Business Objects.

The democratization of these tools has brought the power of hitherto complex and expensive tools in the hands of line managers without the intervention of IT and elusive business analysts.

The plethora of tools starting with the omnipresent Power BI to the user friendly Tableau has given businesses a quick and easy way to extrapolate transaction data into meaningful dashboards and business insights.

Analysis of transaction data available in software system is helping businesses to stay ahead by discovering new avenues for revenue and optimizing existing business outcomes.