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WhatsApp for Business


Leverage the power of WhatsApp for Business to take your customer service and sales to the next level. Integrate with your existing software systems to have a two-way communication via WhatsApp with your customer, supplier, and employees. emQube has the expertise and experience to make WhatsApp work for your business.
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What is WhatsApp for Business?

WhatsApp for Business is the business version of the world’s most popular platform WhatsApp that is used for messaging. It is a tool available as an app for mobile phones and as a web application for desktops and laptop users. The platform is owned by Facebook and is currently free to use.

WhatsApp for Business is primarily for use by businesses to message and share documents with their business counterparts such as customers, suppliers, and service providers. It differentiates from the consumer use through its privacy protection features and business verification requirements.

Almost all large enterprises such as banks, F&B outlets, courier companies and retail have incorporated WhatsApp in their omni channel communication, and this benefit is now percolating to small and medium businesses.

How to leverage WhatsApp for Business?

  • Better Customer Service

    Make life easier and smoother for your customers by providing them timely information relating to their interaction with your business. Be it delivery intimation, appointment reminders, tips, or timely support, use the direct messaging of WhatsApp for Business to send not just text but also documents and videos.

  • Get More Sales

    WhatsApp for Business affords the possibility to close a deal faster by sending quotes, product literature and reminders. By integrating with your CRM you can send messages and media at the right time to clinch the deal. Use the CTA links to draw customers to action.

  • Manage your Finances

    WhatsApp for Business ability to send documents can expedite the delivery of invoices and payment links. Integration with your ERP can enable sending of periodic reminder for outstanding payment automatically at set intervals. Use the WhatsApp for Business messaging to communicate directly with your client in real time.

  • Keep Employees Happy

    WhatsApp for Business can extract information from your HRMS software to provide answers to your employees or even let them apply for leave using their WhatApp messenger. Deliver salary slips directly to their mobile and intimate other information such as expiry dates or a simple birthday greeting. Send broadcasts to selected group of employees or answer password requests through proper authentication.

What can emQube do for you?

How much does it cost?

WhatsApp for Business is not a free service unless used manually. Automation works through a series of partners and each will levy a fee for using their service. Here are the few typical costs invovled.

We are a software development company in Dubai since 2003 and have a team based in Dubai for software development. Our expertise is now available for delivering solutions for WhatsApp for Business applications.